Green Funerals Cornwall

If the deceased was passionate about the outdoors and environmental protection, then holding eco-friendly funerals or green funerals in Cornwall may be preferred. Richardson Funeral Directors can arrange for burials in various natural settings throughout Cornwall and Devon. Alternatively, you could combine a more traditional service with an eco-friendly inspired theme. Our priority is the final wishes of the deceased and the next of kin. So, speak with our dedicated funeral planners today for expert support and advice regarding green funerals.

Arranging An Eco Funeral

When arranging an eco-funeral we can take care of every aspect; from arranging the venue to providing floral tributes. Our services include producing service sheets, organising transportation for the deceased and the next of kin and ordering memorial stones, as well as any other requests. Thus, ensuring a respectful final farewell that is both fitting and personal. We can source a range of eco-friendly coffins and unique floral tributes to beautifully complement an environment-inspired service. Furthermore, we also provide more traditional funeral arrangement services.

Natural Burial Grounds

Green burials typically take place at natural burial grounds, such as woodlands, meadows or parkland. There are several designated natural burial grounds to choose from throughout Devon and Cornwall. Richardson Funeral Directors will guide you through the process and make service arrangements that best meets your needs, as well as the wishes of the deceased.

Green Funerals

Green funerals are considerate of the environment and are a perfect choice if the deceased was a passionate outdoors person or an active environmentalist. When planning a green funeral there are a few things you may wish to consider:


  • Travel distance for those attending
  • Choosing a burial is more eco-friendly than a cremation
  • Biodegradable coffins and caskets
  • Choosing natural and woodland burial sites
  • Avoiding embalming for eco-friendly burial services


Beautiful nature landscape - meadow

Eco Coffins

Biodegradable eco coffins are made from a selection of materials that are designed to be environmentally safe. As such, we can source:


  • Cardboard coffins
  • Willow coffins
  • Bamboo coffins
  • Wicker basket coffins
  • Natural wood coffins
  • As well as other natural materials


Contact Richardson Funeral Directors

Richardson Funeral Directors are here to help arrange eco and green funerals in Cornwall and Devon.

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