Prepaid Funeral Plans Looe

Here at Richardson Funeral Directors, we offer a selection of prepaid funeral plans in Looe and throughout Devon and Cornwall. Prepaid funeral plans can be paid in full or via monthly instalments depending on the package you choose. Furthermore, by securing a prepaid funeral plan with us, and notifying us of your requests, when the time arrives, your family will not have to find the funds or make the arrangements on your behalf. Contact us at Richardson Funeral Directors to discuss funeral plans.

Why Choose A Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Choosing a prepaid funeral plan allows you to prepare for the future and avoid price inflation. In ten or twenty years, the cost of funerals could have significantly increased. By securing a prepaid plan you are covering the cost of the funeral no matter what changes may take place in the meantime. Thus, you are protecting your family from the, sometimes substantial, financial responsibility of arranging your funeral when you pass on.

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Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

Richardson Funeral Directors is an accredited provider of Golden Leaves Funeral Plans. Furthermore, our commitment to delivering dignified and professional funeral services has resulted in us becoming recommended by Golden Leaves. This means that our services can be requested no matter where you are in the UK when the time comes.

There are many options to choose from with Golden Leaves funeral plans that can cover some, most or all of the resulting funeral costs when you pass away. These plans protect against inflating funeral costs so, no matter the price difference in the future, your costs will always be covered. Contact Richardson Funeral Directors to discuss the full range of packages available.

Ecclesiastical Funeral Plans

Richardson Funeral Directors believe in providing choice so that you have the final say when making your prepaid funeral arrangements. This is why we are also able to provide Ecclesiastical funeral plans. These funeral plans are unique in their approach, setting your money aside in a life assurance policy to cover the costs of your funeral when you die.

Contact us directly, where we will guide you through the various plans available and help you to select a prepaid funeral plan that suits both your needs and budgets. We only work with providers who are fully regulated, for your peace of mind. So, contact our experienced funeral directors to discuss your requests.

Planning for Your Funeral

When planning for your funeral there are many things you may wish to consider. As well as the financial implications of funeral arrangements, you may also have specific requests regarding the service. You can document your last wishes in your will. Alternatively, you can share them with your funeral plan provider or family. Consider:


  • The type of service you would like, such as a church funeral or non-religious memorial.
  • The location you would prefer for your funeral or memorial.
  • How you would like your body to be handled, such as cremation, burial or embalming.
  • Your religious or cultural beliefs and how you would like them to be respected.
  • Where you would like your final resting place to be.
  • If you would like charitable donations to be made and if so, to which charity?
  • Who you would like to deliver a eulogy at your service. Or any song requests.


Contact Richardson Funeral Directors

We can provide a range of prepaid funeral plans in Looe and for individuals throughout Devon and Cornwall. Contact Richardson Funeral Directors today to ensure your final wishes are met and cover future funeral costs.